Our Services

On-Site Interpreting

The interpreter arrives at the on-site location and will be physically present with you and the client. The interpreter will facilitate communication between both parties.

Video Remote Interpreting

VRI is to remotely provide professional and confidential sign language interpreting as a communication solution through on-screen for the client and you while the interpreter is not in the same location. All you need is Internet access and a computer/tablet with a working webcam.

Skill Advancement Program

Every interpreter will always enhance effectiveness in the use of skills and be able to develop and boost new skills and broaden professional opportunities. This program is the place to be!

English-to-ASL Translation

VIS has a professional team of native signers who are qualified linguists that make sure your English translations are accurately translated into ASL in a video format, or vice-versa.


A variety of workshops are available for anybody: businesses, companies, and individuals.


We are active in the community and serve as advocates for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing individuals.